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Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them. - Oscar Wilde (via kushandwizdom)

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When the girls don’t have solo cups, we get classy 🇺🇸

This night turned out crazier than expected. Damn Lilly cups
You don’t measure love in time. You measure love in transformation. Sometimes the longest connections yield very little growth, while the briefest of encounters change everything. The heart doesn’t wear a watch - it’s timeless. It doesn’t care how long you know someone. It doesn’t care if you had a 40 year anniversary if there is no juice in the connection. What the heart cares about is resonance. Resonance that opens it, resonance that enlivens it, resonance that calls it home. And when it finds it, the transformation begins… -

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